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Students abuse by teachers

It was today i actually decided to get into the all round abuse drive by bloggers. First of all i thought hardly what should i write about abuse because there are many kinds of abuses and many forms of abuse. ABUSE- An improper use of power, its a type of misuse, can be a sort of insulting language, could be an unjust or currupt practice, a maltreatment(child abuse), illtreatment. Then this one came to my mind. As the topic indicates i am writing about the Student abuse in schools by their teachers.

There have been even many reports of student deaths due to this beating by their teachers or private tutors. Say teacher asked some sort of question from the student and the student was not able to anwser that - teacher lost his temper and started his non-voilent act. Better if give some real life examples see for yourself Teacher Beats student to death.where a teacher beats up an 8th std student to death and other similar incident this one

What i here intend to say that these(above 2) kinds of incients may be somewhat uncommon of student dying due to teachers beatings and the teacher ending up in jail. But what about others who go on with these kind of abuse incidently or even bear it for the longer duration of time. Basically this is a kind of well known child abuse but affects both physically and psycological behaviour of the child. Physical abuse is a visible form and can easily be detected by others, by parents etc where the teacher uses generally striking, slapping, hair pulling, pinching etc with these kids. Its on some occasons (enerally argued by teachers)of these measures for correcting the students and is acceptable by both parents and later by students. But excess of these resullts in illeffects on the student both on his studies, his behaviour and his rest of his entire life.Yes tis kind of behavior is banned in many countries of the world and strict action can be taken against the teacher if found guilty.

The other one is kind of emotional abuse or psycological which includes verbally by yelling on the child, name-calling, constant criticism, insults, threats, intimidation, humiliation. As well, isolating the child from friends or regular activities, and using silent treatment against him and his developnment. Now this kind of psycological treatment is generally never concerned with as no one can prove it nor the victim is in the position to complain probably he is afraid in doing so. So what will the student do in this case.Moreover (generally speaking) the number of students affected by psycological affects due to illtreatment are also less at a perticular place so normally get unnoticed. Now physical assult can be clearly seen and talked about and among the students. what abt this one.. do you have answers??

Now question arises why do teacher do such kind of act or better say why do teacher beat students?? Now as i am not related psycology so i can't come up with full explanation but will try to answer my best.
One thing which came up to my mind is old fashioned(barbaric) techniques or say beating is generally and normally used technique to make a student on the right path. That can be easily adopted by teachers. Second thing which came up to my mind was the teachers own personal problems which results in his this kind of behaviour. Third teacher is insane(generally quoted by students). If you know any please let me know waiting for your replies.

I found some organisations working against this kind of abuse some are:-



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I had no idea that this was an issue. I learned something today. Thank you.

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Interesting question today is about all the politicians now advocating sex education starting in the second grade. What would you call this? Some kind of reverse abuse? This trend certainly stomps, hard, on the feelings of many of the religious.


June 6, 2009 at 11:43:00 PM GMT+5:30

i was browsing online for similar topics to my blog when i stumble your blog.

Hope i not getting flame for digging a 1.5yr old post.

i did not expect to find so much information on your site, great job (=

I had a post regarding student teacher abuse death which result from a throwing duster. you can read more on


February 22, 2010 at 6:56:00 AM GMT+5:30

As a child, my mother was given a choice from the NYS Board of Ed.: Special education or School for the gifted. Since my mom didn't have the guts to ask her former husband, my father, for more money, she had choosen Special Ed.

From the beginning of 1st grade to the beginning of fourth grade, I was abused physically, mentally and sexually by a female teacher's aide. Everytime I either scted out, laughed at something funny or get blamed for what another student did, I either get hit, get thrown towards the wall or be threatened with bodily harm by this woman.

I remember that one day I went to the bathroom and she was there assisting the other students. I remember that I had my pants down with my underwear exposed and was cursing in Italian. (I'm part Italian in NYC) The teacher's aide nearly kicked the bathroom door down, so I went to see what was wrong and I opened the door. She grabbed me while my pants were down and threw me across the room onto a wall. She dragged me by my ponytails out of the bathroom in front of everybody with my pants still down to my ankles. She told me to pick up my pants. That's all that I remember from that day.

I can tell you so many things that this teacher's aide did to me. It really screwed up as an adult. I try to go on but the memories are still there.


February 28, 2011 at 7:06:00 PM GMT+5:30

I was shaken by my first grade teacher for not knowing an answer. (I'd missed a couple days due to some medical tests for a heart defect.) She screamed and shook me so hard I couldn't keep my head from going forward and backward. I remember sobbing while every one in class just stared. She also used to berate me and yell at me. After that I used to try to play sick or cry and beg my grandmother not to send me back. I hated school ever since then.

In second grade I was grabbed by my PE teacher so hard that it left a bruise that went all the way around my arm. My teacher saw it the next day and thought that I was being abused at home. I had to go to a meeting with the principal, school nurse, and the PE teacher to explain what happened. Once it was sorted out that the bruise came from a teacher, the school backed off.

As an adult, I can safely say that when I have children they will probably be home schooled at least through elementary. I wouldn't be able to trust an adult I didn't know very well to look after my kid(s).


August 23, 2011 at 11:10:00 PM GMT+5:30

I think child psycological abuse by teachers leave scars even as an adult, and teachers should never given a chance to resort to this for any reason. If any incident like this should occur the teacher cocerned should be sacked.It is up to sane people to intervene and prevent any type of abuse happening in schools. Everyone, especially children and young adults, should be able to live in a safe
, healthy and loving environment.Even adults cannot cope with this type of abusive experience.