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Play 10 Ka Dum online for fun

hi guys wanna play 10 ka Dum and see how much you are familiar with the indian masses..

Click the link below: -

This is a virtual game. Just for fun.. made by Zapak

celebrity Blogs

HI guys, I was just surfing and accidently went into real Salman Khan's real blog. See this and this website . Its really cool.

Then i went on searching for other Indian celeb's bloggers and this is what i found out so check them out

Amitabh Bachchan blog
Amir khan blog
Ram Gopal Varma blog
Salman Khan blog

I went on searching for Shahrukh Khan's blog but it wasnt, except this one which was of his IPL team.

I will add on with this list as soon as i find other celeb bloggers..