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That Bird.

Well today I am writing about an event which was revolving my mind from the morning till eve.

I was going to the bus stand at some distance from my house, and on the way saw 2 small children ( their height almost reached my knee) throwing stones in the small side drain which is just a few steps away from me, sort of clean one with little water in it and not at all deep.

At first I just went on some steps further, but then due to some curiosity, I turned around.. and saw a crane ( well kindof, Sorry i don't know the breed) lying there and those kids throwing stones. I simply yelled at them furiously and they ran away. Then I gave a second look at the bird and at the same time my bus came. I boarded the bus, just couldn't miss it.

In the bus, the face of that swan came to my mind every now and then. Various questions erupted in my mind. What if those children returned to continue their game? Was it right to leave that bird there dying? Atleast take it out from there? Should I had not boarded the bus and somehow helped it? and many many more...........I was also very much angry at those kids and then and i was in a kindof depressing mood..

Anyway, the day went on and i forgot about the bird. And in the evening when I retured back home it again came to my mind and i rushed to the same spot.

The bird was still there but was already dead. I took it out, just to confirm myself. Did the kids returned? It was then i noticed that the bird didn't had any kindof visible injuries and the stones which those kids threw were actually not aimed at it. My temper calmed down.

Was the bird suffering from disease, old age etc? Why didn't it flew away when the kids threw stones near it? Anyway I don't know the answer. I dont even know if I was even able to help it..

But what I now know is that those kids wanted to take that bird out of that drain but were afraid to go near it ( it could bite) so they rather tried the other way round throwing stones near it so as to scare it away. But still I just can't forget it.

Another big reason not using plastic:-

Well we all must have seen and even know that plastic is very harmful for the environment in which we live in. Simply stating it pollutes it because it does not and never degrades.

A tortoise trapped in a plastic bangle when it was small---------------------->

Why people are generally using plastics instead of cloth bags, jute bags or any other form of environment friendly bags:- Yes the answer is "Convenience" just for the sake of this we are destroying our ecosystem. Another big reason is its "cheap", Why would a seller use or provide a cloth bag to all its customers if he has a much cheaper alternative in the form of plastic bags. So doesn't it makes your duty to carry a bag with you.

Anyways all the above things which i pointed out above are just common things and most of my readers might be aware of that. But still many times you simply forget to carry a with you if you are buying clothes, eatables etc.

But now you might regret after buying any kind of eatables contained in a plastic bags. Yes its true.

Scientists in the US and Canada studying the effects of bisphenol-A (BPA), an ingredient of polycarbonate plastic used to make common everyday items for storing food and medicines, found it caused loss of connections between brain cells in primates and may lead to disruption in memory and learning as well as depression.
(click for source)

So just keep this thing in mind and you will simply refrain from using a plastic container for food item.

I simply ask why only plastic bags even the water bottles, so good looking and convenient plastic containers, or any other plastic made products which we use or keep in contact with any consumable item are simply becoming a threat to us and even our future generations apart from all those environment degrading stuff.

BPA The chemical bisphenol A is used in clear plastics like the bottle at left, but not in opaque plastics. (source)

So next time you are drinking from a plastic water bottle just remember this post. lol.

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